Unit 3: “¿Cómo puedo aumentar mi vocabulario?

Prefixes and suffixes

Definitions: Cognates, prefixes and suffixes

The prefixes and suffixes are letters or groups of letters that are added to the beginning of a word (prefix) or end of a word (suffix) to change the meaning and / or function of the word. Many prefixes and suffixes have Latin roots. Understanding the different meanings of prefixes and suffixes can help you determine the meaning of new words we are.



Comic about prefices, suffixes and cognates: https://www.pixton.com/mx/comic-strip/w6numg1z

Powerpoint presentation: Cognates, prefixes and suffixeshttp://www.enchantedlearning.com/grammar/prefixsuffix/

Prefixes and suffixes, definitions in Spanish: http://www.curso-ingles.com/aprender/cursos/nivel-avanzado/word-formation/prefixes-and-suffixes



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